Netflix customers CAN "Watch Instantly" from outside the Continental US

by Carlo Carino

So you want to use Netflix "Watch Instantly" from anywhere (but especially Guam)? Here's how you do it ... but first a word about why I love Netflix.

Cheaper on Amazon!Netflix is a great thing. DVD rental shipping to Guam is fantastic and quick. Also, if you got a Blu-Ray player for the holidays, you can watch Lost Season 4 in Hi-Def without taking out a second mortgage.

If you love movies, hate late fees and don't want to spend your grocery money on DVDs, there's no reason not to be a member. Plus, no piracy!

Here's the problem.

One of Netflix's best features is "Watch Instantly." This allows you to watch thousands of movies, TV shows and more on your computer, Xbox 360, network appliances (like TiVo) and some internet-aware Blu-Ray players.

Watch what you want with no downloading, no piracy, no waiting for the mail.

Sounds great doesn't it?

But when you click the "Watch Instantly" tab, you see this:

No Netflix for You!!

You'll read that the service doesn't work outside the Continental U.S., Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii. That means users in Guam or any other country with a Netflix account can't access the full power of Netflix.

WatchCSIHowever, we have ways of getting what we want ... for instance watching the last Three seasons of C.S.I. on demand.

In order watch what we want, we must fool Netflix into thinking we aren't where we really are.

We have to make Netflix think we're in a state that can vote.

In other words our computer must look like it's in the Mainland.

The Solution.

The answer is this Web site:

HotSpot LogoIt's a free VPN service but you don't need to know what a VPN is if you don't want to. All you need to know is that it makes your traffic secure and that it disguises your computer's location as being in the Continental United States.


Just download the free utility and then connect. After you connect, your computer will look like just another U.S. based user.

Now when you click the "Watch Instantly" tab you'll see this:

Watch Now!!!

There's little or no slowdown and viewing movies and TV shows is easy.

Got an Xbox 360?

You can also use this method to activate your Xbox 360's Netflix service.

Normally after your Xbox Netflix feature gives you your 4-digit activation code, you get this when you go to the activation page on Netflix.

The Netflix Ready Device can be used only within the 50 US states and the District of Columbia. It cannot be activated and will not function in US territories or protectorates, or in other countries.

If you use HotSpotShield, you get this instead:Activate!

Now you can enjoy Netflix watch instantly on your TV!

Watch it!

Enjoy the Movies!!

* This also works with Pandora Internet Radio and Rhapsody unlimited music service and if you want to watch shows or enjoy the online commentary on Heroes episodes.