Day 2 using @TuneUp, I can't think of any utility I've liked more. Best thing? AUTOMATIC GENRE TAGGING.

by Carlo Carino

Yesterday, I signed up for a lifetime TuneUp Gold account and wanted to pit it against my haphazardly arranged iTunes library.
TuneUp's first analysis was told me that most of my library had, "Messed Up Info." 

What does that mean? Incorrect Genres, Albums, Track Numbers, Covers, Dates ... you name it.
Today, my library analysis went like this:

It fixed almost all my cover art, artists, album names, track numbers and more. 


The big kicker for me was the improvement in Genre info. For instance, let's say you download an old favorite by the Fugees that's been been labeled "Immigrant raggae-style hip hop" by some enterprising uploader.
Now that it's been though TuneUp, it's labeled "Progressive Rap/Hip Hop."  Even better, you can control just how broad you want Genre Tagging to be:
Would you like 20 easy to organize categories? What about a hyper-granular 764 genres?
It's up to you. 

The fact that it can distinguish Keane (British Indie Rock/Pop) and Jet (Retro Rock Revival) is really impressive.
I don't how it does what it does, but what's the saying about technology and magic?

Oh yeah, it even recognized songs that were recorded online with Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack Pro. Which had weird internet-audio artifacts and slightly-off song lengths.

You can try it yourself by downloading here:
The Gold package costs $19.95 for a yearly subscription and $29.95 for a lifetime subscription. BUT I got the lifetime for $20.97 using a 30%-off coupon code from retailmenot.

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