On Elevating Others

by Carlo Carino

Occasionally, amongst my many duties as a Graphic Designer, I get a chance to work on internally-focused projects.

These include finding new ways to increase the impact of a presentation for someone else's idea pitch; or producing a short video series about exemplary coworkers who deserve awards or recognition.

It surprises me so often — as an ego-driven person and self-aggrandizing type — that these are some of the most rewarding and gratifying projects I do.

It's about a PERSON

It's one thing to spend days and weeks on a campaign to push the agenda of a multi-million dollar company.

Ads, signs, energy, and media of all sorts are brought to bear on their behalf. However, the individual employee or project rarely gets the same kind of attention.

I kind of like it when I get to shift the view a little bit — maybe then the BIG company looks inward and gets to see some of it's best and brightest in the spotlight I've set up for them.

It takes just as much work, and I'll spend just as much time on a deserving employee's video package as I will on product launch. After all, they deserve to shine equally.